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Pilot roadshows are usually a networking and presentation format rather than a recruitment process. So don’t be confused by this. While they can and do take your details and accept CVs, the primary function of an airline roadshow is to provide information about the airline, the remuneration packages, the other benefits they offer and inspire you to apply.

Predominantly you will still be required to apply online via the airline website.

I have attended a Qatar, Cathy Pacific and Emirates roadshow and they all follow a very similar format.

You can expect:
– An introduction presentation about the airline culture and goals
– Human resources talk about the pilot career
A pilot speaking about a day in his/her life and the culture of the team.
– A meet and greet/mingle with other members of the airline team
– Registration process and CV acceptance
– Q & A session

Whilst it is not usually a recruitment process, airlines often accept resumes. So take one just in case.


How to prepare for a roadshow:

  • Ensure you have a fantastic CV and cover letter to take with you. It should be professionally bound – take 3 copies.
  • Check that you meet the minimum requirements for the role the airline is currently offering.
  • Ensure you have done your own research about the airline, fleet, training and bases so that you can ask well-informed questions.
  • Ensure you are dressed appropriately to meet a possible future employer. First impressions count both ways.
  • Airlines that regularly hold roadshows globally are: Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar, Ryan Air (Engineers and Pilots), Jetstar, Turkish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Flybe and Jet2.


Cabin crew open days, or as they are sometimes called ‘Open recruitment days’ are information and first stage recruitment sessions. They aim to provide an overview of what it is like to work for an airline and what the day-to-day role of a member of cabin crew consists of. Many airlines conduct these information days at scheduled times around the globe, so check their website for a full list of dates and locations.

The open day traditionally looks like this:

  • Presentation about the airline and its main operational base
  • An overview of the airlines destinations and planned growth
  • What bases you can live at and operate out of
  • Presentations from current cabin crew on their routines and lifestyle
  • What to expect on the job and in the cabin serving and assisting passengers
  • What type of personality suits this position
  • Remuneration and benefits outline
  • The career path and progression available at the airline (Be aware each airline may have different names for roles)
  • Question and answer session


Note 1: You can register for an event in advance. For example, did you know that Aviation Job Search are hosting their own career expo on the 3rd October 2019? It will be held at London Gatwick Airport, and you can get your ticket for the event here.

Note 2: Ensure you meet the minimum requirements for the role before attending (medical, height, age etc). The airline will list these in detail on their website.

Note 3: Wear business attire, this is your first introduction to the airline.

Note 4:

  • Take along your documentation; why not be ready if you decide to apply? (CV, passport, photos, qualification certificates)
  • There could be hundreds of candidates attending the event, so be prepared for the process to minimise time spent speaking to everyone, especially if you decide to apply then and there.
  • Airlines who regularly hold global open days: Ryan Air, Wizzair, Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, South African Airways
  • Airline roadshows and open days are held around the globe for pilots, cabin crew and aircraft engineers. They are a great way to find out everything you need to know about an airline and whether it is the right fit for you. They offer a unique opportunity to create a fantastic first impression and make an connection with the recruitment team instead of relying solely on the on-line application process.


If you are interested, go along, there is no obligation. You can also find out more about Aviation Job Search’s expo event here.


Ensure your CV is ready to shine at the next airline open day or roadshow.

Author, speaker, career coach and entrepreneur, Kirsty thrives on the diversity and innovation of business in the coaching space. Founding Pinstripe Solutions in 2000 in response to the collapse of Ansett Airlines her Executive Coaching business has grown to specialize in Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aircraft Engineering, and Aviation Corporate Interview Preparation. Her team of off-site coaches works worldwide in 15+ countries via a unique online business model. Amassing an incredible social media following through relentless blogging and career hub contributions, Kirsty uses her platform to advocate for aviation as a career, to mentor and encourage self-knowledge, change and innovation. Kirsty has recently joined the Advisory Board for ‘Inflighto’ ( a groundbreaking industry app Kirsty has presented at Griffith and Sydney Universities, industry forums and drives airline careers through her Secondary School talks and Mentoring programs.

Kirsty is a monthly contributor to Australian Aviation Magazine, and Aviation Job Search. She has been interviewed for: Reuters,, Marie Claire Magazine and Coaching Life. Listen to her interviews as a guest on iTunes leading podcast ‘Go All In’ and Australian Aviation Radio. | 

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