The online recruiting landscape is changing and many jobseekers are turning to search engines to find their perfect role. Google wanted to provide a service that would make this search faster and more efficient, and so Google for Jobs (GFJ) was developed. So far, GFJ has been proven to generate an 18% increase in applications, as demonstrated when Johnson and Johnson piloted the feature. The success of GFJ will undoubtedly change the way people search for roles, but Aviation Job Search has the know-how to ensure that your job posts won’t be affected.


What is Google for Jobs and how will it work?

GFJ is Google’s new feature that will enable jobseekers to search for roles directly through the Google search engine. Users will be able to search for specific job roles, locations, salaries and companies based on their preferences. The tool will also draw salary ranges from career review websites which will provide a degree of financial transparency. For jobs that do not post their salaries, GFJ will display the typical salary for the role. This will give jobseekers the power to asses and negotiate their salaries and understand more about issues such as potential gender pay gaps. This is all part of GFJ’s aim to give jobseekers more power when job hunting.

The algorithm employed by GFJ is capable of interpreting, rather just collecting the data it pulls from job adverts and jobseekers’ search terms. This will result in Google grouping together roles that are the closest matches to a jobseeker’s preferences. So, if someone searches for a role that may have various titles in different companies, GFJ will recognise this and show these to the jobseeker.

When a jobseeker searches for a role, the results generated by GFJ will appear at the top of the page, above the organic results. This will make it more difficult for job posts that have appeared further down in the results, as it is unlikely that jobseekers will scroll to the bottom of the page to find them.

If a jobseeker then chooses to apply for a job, GFJ will direct them straight to the recruiter’s website, or, if the job is posted on a job board or agency, they will be directed to the job post on that site.


What impact will it have on job boards?

GFJ hopes to deliver more relevant search results than job sites can offer, encouraging jobseekers to search for roles directly through Google. It is believed that this will help to level the playing field as the results will come from the most relevant job posts, rather than the job sites that have the most traffic. This will also give smaller sites the opportunity for growth as it will give their posts the opportunity for more traffic if they are relevant to jobseekers.

As GFJ becomes more dominant in the recruitment arena, it is crucial that companies and job boards are prepared for the changes that will come as a result. Aviation Job Search has spent time ensuring that we fully understand the way GFJ works and what we need to do to guarantee that the results you get from us won’t be affected.


How can Aviation Job Board help you?

Our experts have an excellent understanding of harnessing the power of search engine optimisation (SEO), which means we can ensure that jobs are visible to jobseekers on the new GFJ tool and will appear before roles from other aviation sites. We also combat the issue of Google sending job alert emails, by sending our own targeted emails to our extensive list of jobseekers every day.

As we are a niche job board with over half a million registered jobseekers, many skilled aviation professionals already come directly to our site to find their next role. Our knowledge of SEO paired with our market-leader status holds us in good stead to continue helping recruiters and jobseekers find each other quickly and efficiently.

Make sure that you’re not affected by the changes GFJ will generate and post your roles with us. Your personal Account Manager will guide you through the process of getting your job posted on our site and our experts will ensure that your jobs are optimised for GFJ.


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