Stress Engineers play a vital role in the engineering of aircraft. Their main role is to determine the stresses and strains in materials and structures when subjected to forces and heavy loads. In the aviation industry this will mainly relate to aircraft and rocket bodies. However, analysis could also take place on anything from bridges, tunnels, and all the way down to plastic cutlery.
Typically, the input data for stress analysis are a geometrical description of the structure, the properties of the materials used for its parts, how the parts are connected, and what the maximum force is that can be applied to each of the structures. The analysis may consider forces that vary with time, such as engine vibrations or the load of moving vehicles.
In engineering, stress analysis is an important tool in the design process. The stress engineer must ensure that the structure can withstand the pressure from a specific load, if not then the aircraft won’t be safe to fly. The importance of this job can usually be reflected in the salaries these engineers earn.
To find out more about engineering in the aviation industry, take a look at our engineering guide or have a look at the jobs that are available.

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