Aviation Job Search has revealed the top 10 highest paying jobs in the UK aviation industry. 

The data comes from the niche job board’s recently published annual report, which includes some key insights regarding salary, jobs advertised, job applications, gender insights, industry challenges and category profiles. 

The salary information was taken from Aviation Job Search’s website, based on the average salary that was displayed on job adverts for different categories. Below are the 10 highest paid jobs in the aviation industry:

  1. Pilot
  2. Designer
  3. Engineers
  4. Project manager
  5. Instructors and Trainers
  6. Inspector
  7. Fabricator
  8. Electrician
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Executive Positions


As seen in the tables above, despite a 2.32% decrease in average salary in 2017, the Pilot category is still the highest paid role in the aviation industry in 2018. 

Designer jobs also saw a significant decrease in average salary, specifically 8.25%. 

Engineer jobs on the other hand, saw a significant increase in average salary for jobs advertised. In 2017, the average salary stood at £47,138.84. 2018 showed the average salary advertised grew by 9.02%. This might suggest how the demand for quality engineers has affected the salary being offered, in order for airlines etc. to quash the competition to attract top talent.

Project manager jobs also benefitted from a very slight increase, up 0.74% in 2018.

The Instructor and Trainer category showed a huge drop in average salary offered in 2018, by 13%.  The inspector category however, benefitted a huge 23.52% growth, rising from £38,205.13 in 2017 to £47,189.54 in 2018.

Fabricator roles also saw a massive 35.76% growth in salaries being advertised on jobs in 2018.



Overall, salaries advertised on our website for jobs across the board grew by 6.32% in 2018. While salaries are on the rise for some professions in the aviation industry, others are not benefitting, particularly pilot jobs. There is also a worldwide shortage of pilots at present. So for any airlines struggling to recruit talented pilots, the figures suggested above could be something worth considering when posting job adverts. For jobseekers specifically, if you’re not sure about the amount you’re currently being paid, take a look at the figures above to check your worth. 

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