Reflecting the global demand for pilots, Flight Crew Futures ​is a major recruitment event which supports commercial pilots, plus recently-graduated ATPLs and low-hour candidates, by providing an opportunity to explore new and exciting career progression opportunities under one roof . The fourth Flight Crew Futures ​event ​will be held at the London Gatwick Hilton​ on Wednesday 17 October 2018. ​

Entry is free and candidates can drop-in anytime between 1000-1600. Wendy Pursey, Head of Membership and Career Services at BALPA, and a supporter of the event, said Flight Crew Futures​ is: “Attended by pilots who are thinking about a change of career, thinking about going to different airlines. They are able to speak to those airlines directly and get honest feedback.”

“They are able to speak to those airlines directly and get honest feedback.”

“Flight Crew Futures​ will partner visiting pilots with airlines and agencies who are seeking to recruit either experienced, low-hour (fATPL) or newly-graduated ATPL cadets,” says Darran Ward, FCF Event Manager. “FCF offers a great chance to meet directly with the ​ airlines and pilot recruiters in a single venue, and gather all the facts and career advice in an informal environment. “

In addition, we’ve extended the reach of FCF to include recently graduated ATPLs, to assist ​ next-generation pilots in securing their first FO position and help low-hour candidates start their career.”


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To register for FREE​ and to view which recruiters will be attending FCF​ at the London Gatwick Hilton​ on Wednesday 17 October​, please visit

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