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Avionics Technician: Job Description

Avionics technicians are responsible for inspecting, testing, and repairing electronic aircraft components that are required for communication, navigation, and flight control systems. Avionics jobs require an in-depth understanding of advanced electronic equipment and systems diagnostics.

Aviation Planner: Job Description

Airline planning jobs take care of strategic planning of fleets, routes and aviation needs, so people with a background in airport facilities, infrastructure and air service planning are in a good position to be employed as an aviation planner. There are also many jobs in maintenance planning within airlines and aviation organisations.

Aviation Communications Engineer: Job Description

Modern aviation and air traffic control is unthinkable without the aid of efficiently functioning and highly reliable communication and navigation systems. These systems bear a heavy responsibility for ensuring aviation safety, and designing, installing, operating and maintaining them requires personnel with very specialist skills, not to mention dedication to the job.

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