Every job advert should be as unique as your company – and the role should be too. Recruiting for top talent takes up a lot of time, and if it’s not done correctly, it can be costly for any organisation.


The aviation sector is facing a number of recruitment challenges at present (read our recently launched annual report), particularly a pilot shortage. Skill shortage in general is a concern – and there is plenty of competition around to attract aviation professionals with the right skills. And, as we move towards Brexit, uncertainty for the industry increases.


While time is of the essence to fill the gaps at your airline or aviation organisation, we wanted to share some best practice we’ve found for job adverts, that have really helped customers of Aviation Job Search in the past. It’s a candidate driven market today, therefore every opportunity to recruit top talent must be considered intricately.


Remember, you’re not just posting a job advert to recruit, you are posting it to attract – and this is the part where many of us slip up. Don’t be too modest when you are advertising for a new role – look at your job ad, and ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does my job ad include the specifics of the role?
  • Is my job ad relevant to jobseekers in the industry?
  • Does my job ad answer the questions candidates ask?
  • Why should they apply to my job ad over any other company?   


The good old days of writing an advert for what you need, simply don’t exist anymore. If you want a job advert that gets applications, take a look at our tips below if you really want it to convert:


Salary band

Ever wondered just how essential a salary band is for jobseekers? We ran a survey with over 300 aviation professionals in 2018, to see if including a salary band on a job advert affected their decision to apply for a job.


60% said No, they wouldn’t apply for the job if a salary was not displayed.


We also asked them if they preferred all job adverts to disclose the full salary details.


95% said Yes, they prefer job adverts to disclose full salary details.


Finally, we asked them ‘Would you prefer if job adverts displayed a salary range (for example, £40,000 – £50,000) or the exact amount (for example, £43,355).


50% said they would prefer an exact amount displayed (e.g. £35,000).


Need we say more?



Candidates skim-read a job advert before they read it properly, and we have it on good authority (via our trusted back-end systems) that they will spend no longer than 30 seconds skimming a job ad, before they move on to another.


That’s why it is essential for your job ad to impress from the very beginning – you have to capture their attention quickly – give them a reason to continue reading. Whether it’s boasting your excellent reputation, worldwide presence, company culture, or the benefits you can offer – if you know you have a strong offer, don’t hold back on revealing it until interview stage – you could miss out on your ideal candidate.


What’s in it for them?

Similar to our previous points, candidate’s want to be given a reason to apply. Yes, an outline of the role is necessary, but there is so much more that you can add to your job ad to attract top talent. Ask yourself the following:


  • What makes you different?
  • What are the benefits we can offer? E.g. travel discounts, perks etc? Overtime available?
  • What holidays can you offer?
  • Salary!!!
  • Good working hours? Don’t leave that out!


What are you looking for?

It’s very important that you outline your requirements clearly and concisely. Being direct means you are more likely to attract those with the right skills. Vague job descriptions will only attract generic applications which don’t suit your role. Take some advice from the number 1 niche aviation job site in the UK – niche works. The more targeted your job advert, the better the chances you have of attracting top talent. Particularly if you require individuals with specific qualifications or industry experience.



Company culture

Jobseekers want a positive environment they can thrive in. Ask yourself, why should someone apply to my role – a percentage of that answer will be surrounding the job on offer itself, but it should also boil down to the type of company you are, and why everyone enjoys working there. Candidates respond to information about motivational, career developing environments they can thrive in – large team? Great. Work hard, play hard? Even better. Appeal to human nature and identify the key reasons why a candidate would love to work for your company, and more importantly, stick around.


Make it sound like you

Generic job adverts that give no insight to your company do no justice. Is your company great – is it recognised worldwide? Prove it, with a unique and creative job advert. If you were British Airways, you would likely boast your popular, professional brand, but even if you’re not, there should be something about your job advert that no other job advert could compare to.


Is your company energetic? Fast-paced? Ahead of the curve? Tell them what it’s all about, and already you have a uniquely developed job advert that reads totally different to the other generic job ads on Indeed, CV Library etc.


Just one more piece of advice – wherever your job advert is posted, whether it’s through Aviation Job Search or somewhere else, just remember that the first sentence is always on show. If you can make those first 20 words or so a strong, engaging pitch, a click through to your job advert is inevitable. Then all you have to do is make sure the rest of your job ad delivers!


If you have any questions about how to improve your job advert, we’re just a phone call away: 01772 639605.


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