All airspace in the UK is controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The use of drones is regulated by the CAA and enforced by the police.

To fly a drone commercially, you will need to seek permission from the CAA. This permission is known as a ‘Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO).

To gain a CAA PFCO, you will need to complete a course which requires you to demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge needed by a commercial drone operator.

As part of the training for your CAA PFCO, you will need to demonstrate that you are educated in air law, understand how to operate your drone safely, can compile an operations manual, and can undertake a flight test.

The CAA does not run these courses directly but instead approves commercial National Qualified Entities (NQEs) to conduct the training and assessment on their behalf.

This process will usually take around 2 months to complete.


How to get a pilot licence

How to get a pilot licence

There are three accepted routes to obtaining a pilot licence which will enable you to fly for an airline. They are commonly known as, Integrated, Modular and Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL). The Integrated and Modular paths lead to exactly the same licence, while the...

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