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8 frequent mistakes on pilot cover letters to avoid

Today most hiring managers don’t read people’s cover letters even though their expectation is still to receive a cover letter with the application. This means that your cover letter is still a positive addition to your application and should be submitted...

Pilot training explained

Demand for trained commercial airline pilots is on the rise with extremely lucrative salaries on offer but how does someone become a qualified pilot in the UK?Training to become a pilot is a big commitment which requires significant personal investment and...

Tackling interview nerves

Job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience for even the most confident of people, especially when you have the chance of landing your dream job. We ran a survey recently on Aviation Job Search, and asked over 600 jobseekers whether job interviews...

Why it pays to be news savvy as cabin crew

We're joined once again by Christopher, who will be talking about why commercial awareness is beneficial when working as a member of cabin crew. Watch Christopher's video below to hear more about it:   The recent Hong Kong airport closure due to...

How do I ask for a pay rise?

Wondering if you're worth more? Perhaps you've taken on a new course lately, or you've earned a new certification - maybe you've just taken on more responsibility. Whatever your situation, you might feel that your time at work is more valuable today than...

What not to do at an interview

We talk alot at Aviation Job Search about the things you should do if you want to land your dream job - but what about the things that you shouldn’t do? An interview is an essential part of the recruitment process. Therefore, ample preparation is required....

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