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How to write a winning aviation engineer CV

As an aviation engineer, the chances are you have plenty of experience and many qualifications that prove your abilities for the roles you desire. However, simply having these attributes is not enough…you need a strong CV if you want to get hired For...

New Year, New Career?

As 2019 fast approaches, is your new year’s resolution to land your dream aviation job?  In a survey we ran with over 1,200 jobseekers in the aviation industry:84% told us they intend to look for a new job in 201972% said they will look for a new job in...

10 habits of highly successful employees

Do you ever wonder how you could become more successful in your career? It’s not as difficult as you think…Those considered successful have been practicing routine and efficient work for some time. If you’re wondering exactly what it is that successful...

Should I use a generic CV template?

Hiring managers receive an average of 75 CVs per position that they post, so their time is limited when reading through yours. If it doesn’t stand out to them, then it’s likely heading for the rejection pile. When you are applying for jobs, the easiest...

The key elements of a great CV

Struggling to write your CV? Don't settle for sloppy - as the first hurdle towards getting a job you love, your CV will need to be eye-catching and relevant to the job you are applying for. Below, we have highlighted some key elements of a CV that are...

Common CV mistakes you didn’t know you were making

Writing a CV can be a stressful process, especially if the deadline is close. It’s better to write a general CV once you’re ready to start applying for jobs, and then keep it updated. That way, you’ll always have a template for a general role, but you will...

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