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Why A Personal Statement Is Essential For Your Cabin Crew CV

If you are applying for Cabin Crew roles, then you are in a competitive market. Furthermore, the experience on your CV can sometimes be similar to other candidates. So, how can you make sure your CV stands out and gets recognised in a swathe of...

Airline Captain: Job Description

An airline captain has overall responsibility for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft and the safety of crew and passengers. They will be concerned with the airworthiness of the plane, weather factors affecting the flight, flight regulations, and air traffic control procedures.

How to land your dream job – fast

Searching for a new job? We wouldn't be surprised, since 88% of aviation professionals told us they would be in 2019.    We all know that a job search can be frustrating. But on the whole, the opportunity to land your dream job is an exciting...

10 tips for a top cover letter

A cover letter accompanies your CV when you apply for a job.The letter is designed to act as a short introduction to you and your expertise. It should be your pitch to encourage an employer to consider your CV.A cover letter should be professional and...

What aviation professionals are looking for in their next job

Searching for a new opportunity can at times, leave any one of us flustered. When it boils down to which job better suits, there are a number of realistic factors that help us all to identify whether that job is the right match.Whether you're fresh out of...

How to choose the right company to further your career

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.This romanticised approach to life and work, condensed into a quote popularly attributed to Mark Twain, Confucius, and other eminent thinkers, is something that many people strive for...

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