British Airways will operate 52 long haul routes alongside its short haul network this November as the airline continues to adapt to changing restrictions around the globe as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Services will continue to operate to US gateways including New York JFK, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco, with Newark added to the schedule in late November.

Flights to the Caribbean continue to destinations including Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia, and flights will operate to destinations across Africa, the Middle East and Asia such as Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Flights to Santiago, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, are also set to return.


British Airways will also continue to serve domestic destinations including Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newquay. In continental Europe, cities like Paris, Munich, Geneva and Amsterdam, among others, will be connected to Heathrow by frequent, direct flights.

There are also regular flights to beach destinations such as Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways, said: “We continue to connect Britain with a substantial number of destinations across the globe and customers tell us they are reassured by the safety measures we’ve put in place, including personal protection packs, screens, sanitiser stations, adapted meal services and customers and colleagues in masks.

“The risk of contracting Covid-19 during a flight is incredibly low. IATA, the global aviation industry body, suggests that since the start of 2020 there have been as few as 44 cases of Covid-19 linked to flights.

Over the same period some 1.2 billion passengers have travelled. This figure amounts to one case for every 27 million travellers.

“We believe the best way to get people flying again is to introduce reliable and affordable testing before flying. When this happens and demand returns, we stand ready to reintroduce even more destinations to our network, and carry on connecting even more families, friends and businesses.”


As always, the operation of any flight is subject to changes, international restrictions and government approval.

The airline has a range of measures to keep customers safe when they travel, both at the airport and on board, and more on this can be read here.

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