As Airbus forecast that 540,000 new pilots would be needed in the next two decades to meet with global demand, they have followed up this prediction with the launch of a new global cadet pilot training programme, to include ab initio training. After partnering with Escuela de Aviacion Mexico (EAM,) the first course is due to commence early next year. Upon completion of that course, the cadets will continue their training at the nearby Airbus Mexico Training centre in the aim of qualifying as an Airbus A320 pilot.

Cadets will benefit from a complete and fully integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) programme and qualify as an “operationally-ready pilot.”

EAM said, “Global standards set by the Airbus Flight Training reference will ensure harmonised high quality training.”

Airbus are also offering a bridge course from local licence to an EASA licence.

Airbus has been offering training courses for nearly 50 years now and has always taken a comprehensive and innovative approach via its unique cockpit commonality concept and the regular introduction of the latest technologies and learning concepts. 

Airbus tripled its training locations worldwide in the last few years. With an extensive and growing global network, Airbus has created a complete flight training package, allowing its customers to benefit from its training expertise closer to their home base, ensuring a wider range of competent candidates make it to the cockpit.


Join the programme

To enter the programme, you must be over the age of 18, and have graduated from high school. Potential candidates will undergo screening tests throughout the process.

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