Google glasses for cabin crew?

It maybe rare to see the controversial eyewear being used at the moment amongst cabin crew, but their are some private aviation companies such as Honeywell aviation. Which are creating a vision which may well revolutionise the way flight attendants carry out routine procedures, such as controlling aircraft temperature and closing window shades. The video Read more

Up Up and err…away? – School children tip the balance of Qantas airplane

A Qantas airline passenger jet turned out to be “nose heavy” on take off from Canberra Airport because sales staff did not estimate the weight correctly of a large group of school children by several tonnes. The group of 87 primary school children had incorrectly been classed as adults during the booking procedure, and resulting Read more

Honeymoon flight 'TERROR' for newlywed couple following turbulence which broke a flight attendants hip, and left another attendant unconscious.

A newlywed couple described how cabin crew were flung to the ceiling during an easyJet flight to Naples… The couple Lucy 30, and David Westbrooke 31 from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, (pictured below left) revealed how they had the flight from hell after the the easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Naples flew into severe turbulence. Read more

Ryanair learns its nice to be nice to customers following a major customer service overhaul

Ryanair noticed passenger numbers increase to record levels throughout the month of August, as the budget airline learns that it pays to be nice to customers. The budget airline Ryanair was branded by readers of Which in 2013 the worst budget airline for customer service however throughout August they flew a record 9.4 million passengers Read more

World's Craziest Airports

Kansai International Airport Kansai International was built about 3 miles off the shores of Osaka, Japan. In 1987 work started on the island and in 1994 Boeing 747’s were touching down. Travellers can get to Kansai Airport by car, rail or high speed ferries. But why is this airport so unique? This artificial island measures Read more

Top Paying Airlines in the UK: Pilots

In 2013, a Guardian report stated that airline pilots were in the 2nd highest paid profession in the UK earning an average of £78,365 a year. Commercial airlines will always have both a Captain and a First Officer in the cockpit during the flight. Salaries very between roles, here’s a breakdown of what you can Read more

Flight Attendant Secrets: False Leg in the Toilet?

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind closed doors in the world of flight attendants? Where do they stay during layovers? What REALLY happens when they find two people in one cubicle? Or maybe you’re just interested to hear some passenger horror stories. We’ve spoke to some of the Flight Attendants who found Read more

Aviation Industry Events: June 2014

If you’re looking for things to do this month then look no further, Aviation Job Search have compiled a list of some key events that are happening in June. Whether you’re job hunting or interested in the Aviation Industry we’ve sourced some crackers. AeroExpo UK 2014 First up we’ve got the AeroExpo UK 2014 that’s Read more

Latest Jobs on Aviation Job Search: May 2014

Aviation Job Search have some of the most exciting jobs listed on the market. Every month we are please to announce roles throughout the world from some of the biggest recruiters in the world. This month is no different, we’ve listed A380 captain positions, Wheel & Brake Bay Service Technicians and Flight Attendants. Here’s a Read more

What is a Stress Engineer? Job Description

Stress Engineer’s play a vital role in the engineering of aircraft. As the role is so vital, it can usually be reflected in the pay so certainly a role to look out for if you’re qualified enough. A stress engineers main role is to determine the stresses and strains in materials and structures subjected to Read more