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air hostess jobsAir hostess jobs can be highly rewarding so securing a job interview to become an air hostess presents you with a huge opportunity. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and some people cope well under pressure better than others. The most worrying part of any job interview is not knowing what questions the interview panel might ask.

It pays to be well prepared for an air hostess job interview. Research carefully about the airline you have been called to the job interview with. Whether you’re hoping to work for Ryanair, Emirates, easyJet or British Airways, you must have a full understanding of which airport bases they use, which routes they fly and the types of aircraft they use for commercial flights.

This article will give you a few ideas on what you might be asked at a job interview for air hostess jobs. If you prepare some answers to these basic questions then you will feel much more prepared by the time you go for your job interview.

Air hostess jobs – Possible air hostess job interview questions

• Make sure your personality shines through.

• Explain how you can communicate and interact well with people.

• Give evidence of any experience you have in customer service.

• Explain why you think you would be a great air hostess.

• Talk about how you are flexible and have common sense.

Would you be willing to relocate for air hostess jobs?

• You should show that you are flexible and easy going.

• Explain you are willing to change your lifestyle.

How to you respond to a stressful situation?

• For air hostess jobs you have to keep a cool head and not make any rash decisions.

• Explain how you would listen to complaints attentively and offer a reasonable solution.

What languagues do you speak?

• Of course many airlines are looking for flight attendants with language skills so make sure you get the chance to flag up your language skills if you have any.

Do you like children?

• Be prepared for this question in an air hostess job interview as in the role you are often required to assist with children.

• Give examples of experience you have of dealing with children.

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