Heathrow Airport Jobs – What is the Right Job for You?

Jobs in Heathrow airport cover a large range of different sectors and professions thanks to its size and reputation. Heathrow is the busiest international airport in the world with more than 90 airlines that serve 179 worldwide destinations. There are a staggering 72,000 jobs in Heathrow Airport. With this in mind, it is one of the country’s most important employers. There are a number of different routes into jobs in Heathrow Airport depending on the type of position sought.

There are 5 terminals at Heathrow and last year there were just under 66 million passengers that passed through. As a result, Heathrow offers many services and is home to a large variety of businesses within the airport. These range from airlines to retailers. As well as these companies, public services such as fire, security and transport are all imperative to the success of Heathrow. For a guide on Heathrow Airport jobs, see the following information.

Retail airport jobs in Heathrow can be found through an initiative named The Retail Academy. This was started in 2004 by Heathrow in order to help employers and jobseekers in finding suitable positions in the retail sector at the airport. With the recent growth including the addition of T5 and the renovation of other terminals, there is an increasing demand for customer service positions within the numerous retailers. To find a job with this academy, candidates must:
•    Have a valid passport
•    Have a 5 year referenced history
•    Be allowed to work in the UK
•    Be able to work shifts of often unsociable hours
Retailers at Heathrow include large restaurant chains, high end fashion stores and high street retailers.

With over 90 airlines that are based at Heathrow, there is no shortage of jobs within this industry. Ground handling agencies are mostly responsible for the recruitment of customer service and check-in staff with the airlines.

Heathrow Airport jobs in security are more in demand than ever, given the heightened security that world airports have had to enforce in recent years to avoid threat. The security jobs in Heathrow Airport vary greatly. Usually, security work includes operating scanners on luggage, searching passengers or patrolling areas in order to prevent access. These jobs can be found through external agencies that the airport uses. Candidates who show commitment, a friendly attitude and a hard work ethic will be considered above others. Certain positions will require more experience than others, but lower entry roles may only need customer service experience. Full training is always provided before commencement.

Baggage Handling
Baggage handling jobs in Heathrow are available from ground handling agencies that provide staff for the airport. The job role normally required unsociable hours but can pay well. Responsibilities include, transferring passengers’ luggage and scanning cases.

Other Heathrow Airport Jobs
•    Service managers/leaders
•    Terminal controller
•    Maintenance team
•    Technicians
•    Airport traffic controllers
•    Hotel staff
•    Bus/train drivers
•    Cleaning staff
•    Medical staff
•    Fire services
•    Catering staff

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