Euro 2016, Sweepstake winners, Free trips to Paris and Cristiano Ronaldo’s immaculate hair

And Portugal win it.. But who has won the real prize: the 2016 Simply Jobs Board weekend trip to Paris?      creative Commons Lausanne – Euro 2016  by    Gustave Deghilage   is licensed under CC BY 2.0 It seems a lifetime ago that Cristiano Ronaldo hoisted the huge shimmering trophy triumphantly into the air with eyes Read more

McGinley Aviation and Airways Aviation announce new partnership

Our partners McGinley Aviation are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with pilot training experts Airways Aviation. The partnership is designed to supply airlines with a steady stream of aviation talent through both existing workforces as well as new candidates in training. Liz Cusack, Director of McGinley Aviation said: “The great thing about our partnership Read more

Welcome To Your New Company Dashboard

At Aviation Job Search, we strive to not only provide our clients with the most advanced platform to find their new candidates, but keep it simple and easy-to-use too. Which is why we are delighted to present your brand new company dashboard!     We have listened to your feedback on ways we can make Read more

Gulf Aviation Training Event within the Dubai Airshow

Gulf Aviation Training Event (GATE), taking place within the Dubai Airshow from 10-11 November, will focus on pilot training in a constrained labour force and human factors vs automation, as well as flight tracking systems, during this year’s conference. Attendees at the two-day event will benefit from a keynote speaker with over four decades of Read more

Travel Advice From the Pros: 27 easy ways to make flying a breeze, from booking to jet lag

Flying used to be fun, so I hear. But gone are the days of Pan Am and Concorde. Today flying seems more and more like a chore, long haul flights especially so. And in a crowded marketplace, there are more options to navigate than ever. Luckily, we’re in a unique position to give you the Read more

The Most Convenient Way To Recruit!

Recruitment never sleeps, and time is their most precious asset: Aviation Jobsearch‘s new online offering provides both convenience and control uncommon in a job board. Aviation Jobsearch is the world’s leading job board for the aviation industry, advertising all roles in the sector including engineers, pilots, cabin crew and air traffic control. And now recruiters can Read more

20 Things a Pilot Understands

Pilots are the rock n roll front men of the aviation industry right? Wrong. Being a pilot is a tough job with a set of challenges all its own. Below are 20 things pilots are sure to understand; the quirks and foibles of the industry. And if you’re finding a few of these a little Read more

Toxic Cabin Air: how safe is your press?

The debate around contamination in aircraft cabins, and its long term effects on the health of pilots and cabin crew, continues to rage. Last year Matt Bass, a member of cabin crew from Crawley, passed away at home in an event which has been strongly linked with Aerotoxic Syndrome (AS). His M.P. Henry Smith, last Read more

Play Heathrow’s X Ray Scanner Game

We’ve all done it, heading through security at the airport, we take a quick look at the X ray screen. Maybe it’s just me, maybe i’m especially nosey. Well, now Heathrow have used their own scanners to make this fun X Ray scan game, where you can see what they see, and test your observation Read more

Duct Tape to Fix the Plane!

Remember when a passenger uploaded a picture of what appears to be duct tape on their aircraft to social media? The image was shared thousands of times, with comments ranging from jokes to genuine concern. The last thing you’d want to see before getting on an aircraft is duct tape stuck to the wing or engine, Read more