It’s been a record breaking year for Aviation Job Search, securing them as the industry leaders within the aviation job market. So far this year, the business has seen:

  • A total of 520,563 registered jobseekers
  • Nearly 110,000 CVs uploaded from jobseekers
  • Over a 20% increase in the amount of jobs that have been posted

Head of Sales Operations, Hannah Tillotson, has commented “Over the last eight months, the market just hasn’t stopped growing. Clients such as Flybe, Boeing, and Flydubai choose to post their jobs on our website, because they know we are the first point of call for aviation professionals to start their job hunt. No matter how big your company is, jobseekers will check Aviation Job Search first.

As well as having high quality jobseekers, our clients choose us to save themselves money. Many people aren’t aware that as a job board, our services are cheaper than some other recruitment methods, but offer a guarantee of relevant applications.”

In comparison with the aviation specific job boards, Aviation Job Search certainly corners the market. Statistics from SimilarWeb Pro show that they receive 75% of traffic in comparison to their two closest competitors, Flightglobal (16.2%) and Jobs in Aviation (8.8%).

In December 2016 aviation recruitment agency, Carbon60, created an aviation salary survey. It highlighted that an astonishing 75% of jobseekers use Aviation Job Search to look for their next job.

2016 2017 Increase growth
Total registered jobseekers 474,943 520,563 +9.6%
CVs uploaded 47,089 109,769 +133.1%
Jobs posted 13,200 15,883 +20.3%


Statistics taken from Aviation Job Search’s backend system.

Any business that is looking to advertise a job vacancy on Aviation Job Search can find more information and pricing by visiting, or calling +441772 913382.

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