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‘Positive momentum’ for easyJet

‘Positive momentum’ for easyJet

EasyJet are reporting a positive outlook as CEO Carolyn McCall prepares to make way for her successor. She said that “easyJet delivered a robust performance during a difficult year for the aviation industry”. EasyJet has seen record numbers of passengers choosing the...

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Helicopter engineer job description

Helicopter engineer job description

A helicopter engineer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of helicopters. These roles are usually based at airports or at flight service centres. You could work on helicopters used for transport, by the emergency services, for private use, or by the...

Dramatic series of deals at Dubai Air Show

Dramatic series of deals at Dubai Air Show

The Dubai Air Show is known for hosting big names and huge orders. In 2013, Emirates made history at the event by placing orders for Boeing 777Xs and Airbus A380s worth $99 billion dollars. This year has certainly not disappointed, however, the big deal predicted...

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Cabin crew salary guide

The subject of salary for cabin crew is often shrouded in mystery, largely due to the fact that current members of crew are advised by their airline not to discuss their salaries online.

Aviation Jobs: The Complete Guide

There are a wide range of roles available in the aviation industry, from pilots to office workers. There are opportunities to progress careers in areas as diverse as engineering, design and customer service. To help you decide what role your skills might be suited...

Commercial Pilot Jobs: Salary Guide

Salaries vary according to the airline a pilot is employed with, the type of aircraft being flow and experience gained. The starting salary for a newly qualified first officer working for a small operation may be around £22,000 (or US $35,000)

Air Hostess Jobs: Interview Tips

Air hostess jobs can be highly rewarding so securing a job interview to become an air hostess presents you with a huge opportunity. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and some people cope well under pressure better than others.

Passenger Check-in Officer: Job Description

The job of passenger check-in officer is often also called ‘airline customer service agent’. The job requires a candidate with excellent communication skills, patience, and most importantly, an instinctive ability to cope with difficult situations in a calm and professional manner.

Air Traffic Controller: Job Description

It’s estimated that every day over 3 million people travel on commercial aircraft around the world. And the skies are getting busier year-on-year as greater numbers take advantage of modern aviation.

It is the responsibility of air traffic controllers (ATCOs) to ensure these passengers arrive at their destinations safely. There is also increasing pressure to make the use of airspace as efficient as possible, which is no easy task.